Creative Textiles class at Knit Wise

Well I see the NHS claiming that the Flu jab program for this year is a success and having had the combined flu and pneumonia jab this week I can only think this is because it’s killing people before they can get the flu!

Anyway, a few days off wasn’t so bad, it certainly got the creative ideas flowing.

As spinners, we end up with lots of fibres knocking about, some we know what they are, some are all mixed together so there is no chance of working it out. As dyers, some of those may have been mistakes, strange shades or partly felted mishaps.

Some of those can be recycled. Monday morning was spent with Jess and Erin, two lovely girls who are taught by their mum. They came along to make felt and dye fibre and before we knew it, three hours had gone by. They worked so hard and their felt balsa, pictures and hand dyed fibre was gorgeous. Now it’s dried, I will pass it on, but I’m very tempted to keep it.


So with some of the other bits and pieces, fibres, threads and handspun experiments I wanted to be able to use those little bits and pieces to create something new. Add in some handspun yarn, bondaweb, sewing machine threads and you end up with an abstract piece


But what do we do with all these experiments? We might love the things we create but how to use them? Well, on the Creative Textiles morning at Knit Wise, we can look at how to use our work. The first item we’ll attempt is abound book cover with our piece on the front.

The beauty of this class is that it’s an ongoing process, we come each week and just add a little bit more to our worK. We can keep sketching for ideas, then put those ideas into work and end up with something we’ve made. Whether it be a book cover, pin cushion, needle case, whatever takes our fancy.

We can mix ‘new’ experimental ways of creating our work, using tyvek, bondaweb and heat tools and mix them with traditional embroidery methods.

The class is £4 and is on every week from 10-4, newbies and experienced members most welcome. Why not come along and join me? Otherwise I’ll be sitting on my own (but at least I won’t be at home doing the ironing)


Eclectic Dye Day

Saturday was the first ever Lazykate dye day and what a wonderful day it turned out to be.


20140218-105118.jpg                                            Little pots ready for mixing



One of the things that I find intimidates a lot of people when they come to dye is the use of colour. It can be particularly overwhelming to be faced with a room of unfamiliar people and a range of colours that could turn into a pot of mud.

So we started with a visit from Tamzin Williams from Wickerwool. An experienced artist, Tamzin led us through the basics of colour theory, how colours work together in the dye pan, how we can use them to our advantage when painting yarn.

Then we hit the kitchen, pots were simmering, yarns were painted and microwaved, we had Bluefaced Leicester fibre, DK skeins of undyed yarn, BFL/trilobal nylon, it certainly was busy.


20140218-105131.jpg            Gemma painting her practise skeins, we practised first on less expensive yarn so that we didn’t feel overwhelmed with pressure

20140218-105138.jpg                      Rosie and Jane, painting with brushes and syringes

20140218-105145.jpg                    Poor Emily. This is what happens when you forget your apron.

20140218-105151.jpg                          Gemma using the state of the art drying rack.

20140218-105157.jpg                  Wool trying not to be blown of the rack in the hurricane

20140218-105205.jpg                  The skeins the ladies produced.  Absolutely stunning.

20140218-105212.jpg                                         Fibres longing to be spun up

20140218-105221.jpg                         Emily, me, Jane, Gemma, Fran and Rosie.  What a day!

The ladies all seemed to get on well and sparked an inspired each other and (I hope) connections and friendships were begun.

Despite my worries about burning, scalding or poisoning my guests, everything went swimmingly and I can’t wait for the next one.

I’ll post on here and also on facebook when we have a date set, but it won’t be too long off.

This week is the beginners class at Wickerwool at Cedar Farm. Seven ladies are on their way, hopefully fledging as spinners at 4pm. Pictures will be posted!<