Facebook Highs and Lows

I spent a wonderful day at Pendle Stitches in Clitheroe on Saturday. Diana, Mari and Isobel came to spin, Mari was returning for an Improving Day.

The great buzz I get from teaching is when I can see there is a connection with the craft. And that happened on Saturday, I’m pretty sure these ladies will go on to become enthusiastic proficient spinners.

There’s more Beginners workshops coming up over the next few months, please, if it’s something you’ve ever thought about trying, come along and give it a go, we want to meet all the potential spinners on our area, let’s encourage each other!


Having passed the 200 likes mark on my Facebook page I decided to have a celebratory giveaway. These are my new fibres, the competition involved naming them.


These shades were unusual, the dyes hit the fibre in a different way than I expected so I was interested to see what others would make of the colours.

The winner was Rosie Tyler who chose Nimbus, something my independent adjudicator (daughter) thought was a fabulous title. The minute the winner was announced, back down again to 199 likes! Lol. Who knew it could be so offensive. Can’t say I’ll be having another giveaway the next time I get to 200 likes – I’ll be bankrupt before I know it.

I’m actually in the process of spinning up some of these fibres myself, for I don’t know which project – possibly involving navajo plying, not great light but it gives you an idea of how the fibre is spinning up



Rosie’s handspun yarn – can’t wait to see what she makes with it