Indie Dye Day

I spent Saturday with Sheena and Phil playing with dyes and yarn – a perfect day in my book. Sometimes dyeing win a stranger can be a little intimidating so I have lots of cheaper mini skeins of yarn just for experimenting on.

Not that Sheena and Phil were holding back and it was fascinating for me to watch them work. They very much wanted to create their own shades and so I was able to shad with them my favourite blog that explains how to recreate your smaller dye shades on larger quantities of yarn

It’s a wonderful comprehensive blog post that will help anyone starting off. We know we should keep notes of all our dye shades but look at this thing! It’s fabulous.
It helps to have an assistants itch an A level in chemistry as Phil has if you’re going to be working professionally but beautiful yarn and fibre can be created by experimenting with colour. A little bit of knowledge of the colour wheel helps but often gut feeling towards colours are a great start. Sheena said she learnt a lot about herself in terms of the colours she thought she would love when actually her favourites were more neutral shades

Colour mixing

Dyed Bluefaced Leicester skeins

Dyed Bluefaced Leicester fibre using immersion dyeing

So there are more Indie Dye Days planned for next year, there’s more information and gift vouchers (!) available on Crafts Courses if you’d like to join me. You know I don’t need an excuse to spend the day playing with colour and eating cake!


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