Spin & Dye Weekend

This past weekend was really exciting for me, I joined with Justine from The Wild Dyery to create a workshop where we would teach spinning on day one and then go on the following day to dye the handspun skeins with natural dyes.

We met in Saturday morning, Rosie, Gill, Fiona, Jean and Anne.

We spent Saturday learning how to spin, a skill that I’m sure anyone who has attempted takes a little while to master.  Often it will be compare to patting your head and rubbing your tummy, but you know there’s way more to it than that.

Then there is a eureka moment when the penny drops, the hands catch up with the brain and calm begins to reign.

So we ended up with various lengths and gauges of yarn. When you first learn to spin, you want to spin so thinly and you hate those slubs and bumps. And then later on, you wish you could still produce those bumps when you want to create some fancy art yarn.

On the Sunday the ladies started off with an introduction to natural dyeing and how different mordants (which are the elements used to fix the dyes)  will affect the colours.

The colours they produced in their yarns were soft and subtle, something that can be difficult to produce using acid dyes. I hope the ladies had a great time, they certainly worked hard enough!