Is it always healthy to work alone?

I was privileged on Monday to be able to go to work with my friend Paula of Paulafingers Contemporary Ceramics. Paula has a studio in Liverpool and it was interesting to be able to work in a space that wasn’t connected to a house, like mine is.

While Paula’s studio is a space surrounded by other artists, often they work outside normal working hours and so Paula, like me spends hours working alone.


This isn’t always helpful as it can be difficult to keep perspective over the things we produce. Is it any good? How can it be improved? How much time should be spent creating and how much time on social media or networking? Hours of mulling these feelings over can leave you feeling frustrated and short tempered rather than having a sense of achievement.

So it was a real treat to spend time together, bouncing ideas off each other, comparing work practises and techniques.

Paula has created a collection of knitting bowls in pastel shades that hopefully will be ready soon. These slipcasted bowls have a section for your yarn to pull through will move with the ball. Here’s a sneaky peak of what’s on its way.



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