Sketching for Inspiration

Sketching, I believe is an important part of creating. And because I believe it I usually have a sketchbook or notepad in my bag at all times. Most of them end up something like this


A great place to store a shopping list. If I’m feeling very creative it might end up like this


A holiday list. With bunting.

Sketchbooks scare me, I’m much happier throwing dyes in a pot and spinning or felting to create than actually drawing something that (horror of horrors) someone might see. And yet, when I do attempt to draw and return to those images sometimes years later, they evoke feelings and emotions that don’t come with a photograph.

So I’m trying to do it properly this time and to that end, I’ve got my copy of Creating Sketchbooks by Kate Greenlees out of the cupboard and have been hitting Pinterest by the minutes.


I came across textile which is a great resource for all textile artists. There is an article by Bren Boardman which goes through a mind mapping approach for sketchbooks. I would wholeheartedly recommend reading it

So with that in mind I started with a photo of these seed heads. These were growing outside our local retirement apartments


I found out that they are Rudbeckia or Black Eyed Susan seed heads. These happy little yellow flowers can be used in dyeing, producing a range of browny tan shades which is perhaps something I could think about for a project.


I may not use it at all, but the sketching process certainly got the ideas flowing. It takes time, but I’m going to be making more of an effort to sketch regularly in the future….

I’m hosting a loosely termed Knit’n’Natter at Knit Wise in Ormskirk. It’s a weekly event, Thursday mornings 10-12. I’d like to welcome all kinds of crafters, but one of the things I’ll be encouraging us all to do is keep a sketchbook, then we can discuss inspiration and ideas and try and get some sparks going. It would be great to get a vibrant group together, so if you’d like to attend, I’d be happy to see you. I’ve even baked a fruit cake


In the meantime here’s some links for sketchers


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