Pushing out of a Purple Patch

The second Lazykate Spin In was just wonderful, we almost couldn’t fit everyone in! It was a cathartic way to spend an afternoon – with others who share a passion.


We did allow a crocheter and a feltmaker in, and there was drum carding too so if you’d like to pop along next time and you do something slightly connected to spinning, we’d love to see you.

Colin and Carole from The Wool Boat popped over to say hi and take some Lazykate sock yarn to sell on board. These photos are courtesy of Colin. Take a look if you get a chance of where the boat is, they’d give you a warm welcome




During the course of the afternoon, it was brought to my attention how much purple tones there are in my Dyelots and I must admit, I LOVE dyeing with purple, violets and lilac. I love the way the shades mix, they’re usually rich and deep and when they are spun, they’re so versatile.




So I removed all purple dyes from my basket and chose colours that wouldn’t normally be my first choice. I picked deep red and mixed it with gun metal. It’s important when dyeing to think about the use of the yarn or felt. It’s amazing to pick lots of vibrant and funky shades and stick them in a pot and see what happens, and it’s good to do this now and again to experiment. Even if you don’t dye for a specific garment or project, you do have to be aware whether you will ever use a fibre that is so shocking you’d never wear it in a month of Sundays.



I’ll report back on how it dries- off to mix some greens!

The next Spin In is the 28th of June which is Woolfest weekend and as the majority if us are heading up to Cockermouth on Saturday we’re postponing until the 26th July. Hopefully see you then!