First Woven Handspun!

A few posts back I posted photos of handspun yarn I’d spun to use in my first attempt at weaving.


Although I was incredibly excited about starting weaving, I felt overwhelmed with the whole weaving process, it’s a pretty full on skill and I didn’t want to be a butterfly- fluttering around many crafts and not becoming proficient in any.

Also, any spare headspace was taken up with Spinning and Dyeing classes, family and other responsibilities (not necessarily in order of importance).

So when Heather, The Inquisitve Weaver turned up with a beginners loom that looked like this, small, easy with (relatively) instant gratification, I was hooked and booked!


Heather talked me through everything, we warped the loom with the chosen colours, I had no clue what to expect so I was completely in her hands


What is it about just looking at colours that makes your mouth water?!!

After a little while and some basic instruction I was on my way. My finished fabric looked like this


And my scarf looks like this


It still needs washing just to finish it off properly but I couldn’t wait to share. It’s a very simple beginners scarf but I’m incredibly pleased and because I’ve been able to take baby steps into the weaving process, I feel able to take the plunge into a table loom. I can’t recommend it enough.

If you fancy coming and having a look at the Beginners looms, Heather will be at the Spin In this Saturday to demonstrate how it works.

Yew Tree Farm
96 Grimshaw Lane
L39 1PE

1-4pm. £4