Bits and Batts

Teaching spinning is a wonderful thing, you get to meet people with a like mind, some wild some wacky, some who will go on to become good friends.
All who begin spinning by leaving little bits on the floor.

Many ladies who spin will be troubled by the wasted fibre, they want to bundle it up and take it home and……well, they don’t know what. So they like to be assured that it will not go to waste. And it doesn’t!

I spent Tuesday afternoon with Heather, The Inquisitive Weaver, her drum carder and blending board. What a wonderful way to use up lots of fibres that could have ended up discarded.


Yep. Bags and bags if fibre just waiting to be loved.



First it was putting colours together and at first we played it safe, using tonal shades that worked together well but soon we were flinging everything in there, experimenting like mad

We ended up with a collection of shades that are destined to be woven.


My own favourite is this, my hand dyed Eliza fibre, carded together with Angelina fibres and Banana fibre, I’m so looking forward to seeing this woven.

The day was finished off at the Knit Wise Knit n Natter where there were knitters, crocheters, spinners and Heather with her teaching loom. Between tea time and 9pm, she wove enough cloth to make this little dog scarf, so imagine what can be done in a day!


Remember that it’s the 1st Spin In on Saturday at 96 Grimshaw Lane, Ormskirk, Lancs, L39 1PE. 1pm till 4pm. Bring your wheel and spin together for a couple of hours. Tea and coffee and cake for our local artisan baker. £4. Looking forward to seeing (anyone to be honest – it is Wonderwool after all!)


4 thoughts on “Bits and Batts

  1. Just want to say Leah and I had a fantastic time at your workshop yesterday!! As absolute beginners we didn’t know what to expect, but we loved every minute and were made to feel very welcome too! We both felt proud of our first attempts at spinning, it was great!! The cake was delish too. We will be back xx

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