Bits and Batts

Teaching spinning is a wonderful thing, you get to meet people with a like mind, some wild some wacky, some who will go on to become good friends.
All who begin spinning by leaving little bits on the floor.

Many ladies who spin will be troubled by the wasted fibre, they want to bundle it up and take it home and……well, they don’t know what. So they like to be assured that it will not go to waste. And it doesn’t!

I spent Tuesday afternoon with Heather, The Inquisitive Weaver, her drum carder and blending board. What a wonderful way to use up lots of fibres that could have ended up discarded.


Yep. Bags and bags if fibre just waiting to be loved.



First it was putting colours together and at first we played it safe, using tonal shades that worked together well but soon we were flinging everything in there, experimenting like mad

We ended up with a collection of shades that are destined to be woven.


My own favourite is this, my hand dyed Eliza fibre, carded together with Angelina fibres and Banana fibre, I’m so looking forward to seeing this woven.

The day was finished off at the Knit Wise Knit n Natter where there were knitters, crocheters, spinners and Heather with her teaching loom. Between tea time and 9pm, she wove enough cloth to make this little dog scarf, so imagine what can be done in a day!


Remember that it’s the 1st Spin In on Saturday at 96 Grimshaw Lane, Ormskirk, Lancs, L39 1PE. 1pm till 4pm. Bring your wheel and spin together for a couple of hours. Tea and coffee and cake for our local artisan baker. £4. Looking forward to seeing (anyone to be honest – it is Wonderwool after all!)


Weaving Yarn finished.

Right- the yarn for my weaving is all finished. My inspiration for the garment was from Sarah Lamb’s Spin to Weave.


So in my head and also I the dye pan, the shades I chose were slightly more subdued than the shades I ended up with! Still I’m happy with the and looking forward to seeing them as a piece of cloth.


So I’ve kept a sample of each of the singles to see how they would work together, as before Sarah’s is somewhat more subtle. But there’s nothing wrong with a bit of slap in the face shading now and again!



Now that my yarn is all prepared I can move onto something completely different. Boucle.

Spinning to Weave with The Inquisitve Weaver

A couple of posts back I blogged about my Navajo plied Nimbus fibre, which after spinning extremely thinly, I had a major rebellion, shoved it in a basket and moved on to something less, well, tightly pinched. The photos of the Navajo plied Nimbus are just a couple of posts down.

I’d planned to spin for Yarndale, starting with this Juniper yarn, but then, I was asked by Heather of The Inquisitive Weaver to take part in her Rigid Heddle Weaving class. The class is being held here at my house in Ormskirk on the 24th of May but Ginny( my Lazykate partner and also my mum) and I are taking part in a trial run day on the 7th.

Heather weaves these wonderful bears and rabbits called Loomies. I love her weaving and hope some of her talent will somehow drift over to my end of the table.


I can’t tell you how excited I am to be doing this. I’ve longed to weave my own handspun yarn, I have a loom, albeit an ancient specimen, I’ve done a little bit of preparation. I even have the Craftsy class on weaving. Somehow though, life and spinning takes over and I forget what I’ve learnt.

So the Juniper Yarn, well that’s going to be my first weaving yarn.


Thinking if which fibre to compliment it, I spun the rest of the Nimbus fibre, not with Navajo plying, just plain plying which I loved doing because I didn’t have to think so much, and not thinking is fine with me. I think they go together well.


So, what to add a bit of zing? Well I love Spin to Weave by Sara Lamb, the colours she uses in her weaving bring the garments to life.

I would definitely recommend her book if this is something that has even mildly interested you, you will be hooked.



So, I dyed this fibre with the intention of zinging up the other shades. It’s certainly bright enough, perhaps a little to shocking, but only time will tell. I’m spinning it up over Easter so I’ll post the progress….


Super zingy – no filter, just pure sunlight.

If you’d like to come to Heathers Rigid Heddles Loom classes, they’re purely for beginners, go to her facebook page to find out more. <

The Inquisitive Weaver

Back soon.