Exciting Changes to Workshops!

I won’t lie to you – when I found out we were moving house again in December last year my heart sank. Moving house is not my forte. This is an understatement.

So we arrived at Yew Tree Farm, an old pig farm in all it’s quirky weirdness and it took us a little while to settle.  Now it’s starting to feel like home and the potential of the house is becoming evident.  We have lots of room!

Having lived on a barge for 3 years this is something quite alien – we’ve now spread out and heaved a huge sigh of relief in the process.

Our first Dye Day was held here in February and it was a success! We could dye, eat, spin, you name it, there was a room to do it in. And so it seems like a natural thing to take some spinning classes here too.  So, with the consent of Wickerwool, we’ll be moving the Improving Spinning and Advancing Spinning workshops to here.  And we’ll have some Beginning classes too.

So I’ll keep updating the Lazykate Facebook Page, but here’s a list of what’s coming up

Beginning Spinning  £65

Saturday 12th April      Pendle Stitches, Clitheroe, Lancs,

Saturday 1oth May        Pendle Stitches, Clitheroe, Lancs

Saturday 17th May        Wickerwool, Cedar Farm, Mawdesley, Lancs

Saturday 14th June      Yew Tree Farm, Grimshaw Lane, Ormskirk, Lancs L39 1PE


Improving Spinning  £65

Friday 6th June        Yew Tree Farm, Grimshaw Lane, Ormskirk, Lancs, L39 1PE

Saturday 12th July   Yew Tree Farm Grimshaw Lane, Ormskirk, Lancs L39 1PE


Advancing Spinning   £65

Saturday 3rd May  Yew Tree Farm, Grimshaw Lane, Ormskirk, Lancs, L39 1PE

Friday 4th July       Yew Tree Farm, Grimshaw Lane, Ormskirk, Lancs, L39 1PE


Dyeing for Spinners   £120

Friday 20th June   Yew Tree Farm, Grimshaw Lane, Ormskirk, Lancs L39 1PE

Saturday 19th July  Yew Tree Farm, Grimshaw Lane, Ormskirk Lancs, L39 1PE

The dye day is materials heavy, you get to practise lots of times with many dyes and lunch is included, hence the price tag.  You won’t be disappointed.


Let me know if that’s all understandable – it’ll be lovely to see you there.




Inaugral Intermediate Spinning and Yarndale


Well the first Intermediate Spinning class I’ve done seemed to go very well! Embarking on a new workshop always brings a couple of sleepless nights while I work through my lesson plan. I like to know exactly what I’m going to do so that I can veer off topic for a while but always, always get back to where I want to be, if that makes any sense at all.

The ladies, as usual were wonderful and worked hard all day. We covered balanced spinning, balanced plying, Navajo plying and general troubleshooting. There was a range of ability from Gemma, who was coming along from the Beginners class to Linda who has spun on and off for about a decade.

We muddled along nicely and at the end there was talk of starting a regular group, which would be amazing


Myself, I’ve been spinning for Yarndale, yes, I’ll be there for my second year, this time as part of a co-operative of spinners weavers and knitters. We’d like to show the connection between these wonderful crafts to encourage all to have a go and keep them alive.

20140327-134643.jpg                                     Imagine using your own handspun for this!

We’re very excited about this venture so the next few months will be full of plans and experiments to make the vision come true. Very exciting!

So I’ll be back next week, in the meantime I’ll leave you with this picture take in a garden centre in Leyland, Lancashire. A boy, or a man? What do you think?


Spinning thinly drives woman to drink!

Spinning as thinly as possible is every beginners goal and what Joy when you finally get to the stage where a hairs breadth of fibre slips through your fingers and yarn that appears to have been spun by angels is in your grasp.

Spinning this thinly then becomes a default setting. You can spin and talk, spin and watch the television, spin and cook the tea. Almost.

So I embarked on a huge project to spin this nimbus fibre as thinly as possible and then Navajo ply it in order to weave it.


I’ve been spinning for weeks, I tell you hours and hours days and days of the same fibre. Granted, I can do other things, but it’s amazing how spinning the same colour can eventually begin to wear you down. I have no idea why this is, we’re doing the same task but a change of colour perks us up no end. Any suggestions why?



Added to this, I chose to Navajo ply using an ordinary Lazykate. Despite the fact that I have a tensioned Kate, well, just up the stairs. The problem with plying such thin fibre is that it spins back into the bobbin on the Kate, meaning that you have to keep unwinding every so often. This can happen to when your skein ing the yarn onto the Niddy Noddy. It’s infuriating.


So last night, I called it a day. I’m pleased with what I’ve spun, there is a fair amount of yardage on there. The Navajo/chain ply has kept the striping there and the colours true which is what I was after so I’m happy. But I’m exstatic that’s it’s over and I can spin something new!


I have an Improving Spinning at Wickerwool at Cedar Farm on Saturday where we’ll cover Navajo plying among other things, if it’s something you’d like to try why not take a look at the course page on my Facebook page and come along and have a go. This class is full but there are more in the near future.

End of a very small era. Sad face.

Well last week I made a momentous decision to close down my website. I’ve been humming and hawing about it for quite some time but then I went and did it.

I haven’t been giving it the attention it needs as I’ve devoted more time to teaching. A website as I’m sure I don’t need to say takes a large amount of upkeep and I just couldn’t keep all the balls up in the air. Having the responsibility of it made me feel pressured, seeing it neglected made me feel guilty, so it had to go. Simplify your life is the motto of the moment and so I have done just that.

I will continue selling Niddy noddies, lazykates and the like through my etsy page but for the moment Lazykate does seem to be heading in a slightly different direction and I’d like to put my energies into that.

So it’s a little photo less post for this week. I’m still busy and there is news of exciting things to come, I’ll post more in a few days…….